Coalsmith helped one client to design, equip,  train staff and institute quality control manual for a major utility. Coalsmith Consultants performed the following scope of work.


1)      Identify the necessary lab equipment and procurement process, as well as necessary lab staff, according to your requirements.

2)      Design lab architecture with described equipment and staff.

3)      Write up Standard Operating Procedures on described equipment, as well as the appropriate QA/QC programs.

4)      Fully train the onsite staff.

5)      Introduce data monitoring control charts to staff.


Coalsmith conducted meetings with stakeholders on-site, met with key personnel to conduct a review of project strategic goals, compared goals to appropriate benchmarks and ASTM industry standards, and prepared the laboratory work design and equipment layout. Schedules were prepared for coordination of design, construction, equipment startup, training, and quality control checks. Coalsmith oversaw the preparation of classroom materials, conducted training classes on sample preparation and laboratory analysis, assisted with laboratory startup, and prepared written laboratory procedures to meet all test method criteria. Throughout the course of the work, Coalsmith prepared recommendations for use in establishing corrective actions to meet all project goals.